Toll Free: (888) 437-9533

Reverend Phil Carker /Playfulbrother


Former owner & director Health Masters School of Massage


I’m grateful to be allowed to introduce myself and my services.


·     Life counseling

·     Wedding minister and pre-wedding consul

(Included - three pre-marriage sessions)

·     Rehearsal ceremony

·     Wedding day celebration


We will assist you in your planning

·     Personal vows

·     Deciding on all aspects’ of your special day


All cost are affordable /to fit your budget


A set fee+ a love offering in which I will use in your name to feed hungry children and their family in Houston.


Home/office 713-469-9373

Cell 281-841-4337



We all are what we believe we are each day.

 We have or have not based on what we believe

We are worthy of.????

Create a life of joy and peace, good though good words,

Positive or negative      We are the deciders


What You Think and Believe Becomes your Reality.


Yours by the grace and the power of love- Rev Phil





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