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Training Site Fee

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Price :                $150.00

Training Site

•    A person or organization that signs aagreement with and is authorized by Therapeutic Professionals to conduct specific courseiapproved disciplines.

•    Courses are managed and conducted by the Training Site under the authority of the Training Center. 

•    Training Site pays for and completes an accreditation-type process and meets specific quality assurance indicators to receive and maintain their Training Site status.

•    Training Sites manage their own student registration process, purchase and maintain their own general liability insurance in the amount of $300,000.

•    Training Sites must own and maintain enough equipment and supplies for a minimum of 6 students. 

                     •   Must use manikins with a feedback device.  Laerdal is highly recommended.   

•    Must maintain accurate records.

•    Must have valid and working email address.

•    100% of revenue from coursesretained by Training Site.

This fee is renewed every 5 years when the AHA guidelines are changed.

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