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CPR Resuscitation Mock Drills are steps taken by Management Authority to prepare the organization and the lay rescuers to meet any medical emergency.  Given that in the event of an actual cardiac arrest emergency the single most important factor is your readiness to act quickly and precisely, these “mock drills” will assist to heighten awareness, encourage instinctive reaction and minimize delays.  By training staff and volunteers it builds confidence and decreases panic in an emergency.

It is recommended that organizations conduct quarterly mock CPR Resuscitation drills at their facility.  Conducting monthly or quarterly mock drills expose critical gaps in basic protection among firm’s first-responders. They are valuable in checking response time and co-ordination among concerned players like staff, the police, fire,healthcare personnel among others.

Over the past decade, many organizations have developed comprehensive emergency management plans designed to effectively coordinate resources to respond during a range of crisis situations. Although many companies have implemented safety plans, few have systematically evaluated the short-term or long-term effectiveness of the plans. 

Therapeutic Professionals offers a model for planning, executing, and evaluating a system wide or company wide CPR mock drill. These mock drills show the difference between procedures and actual practices used during the mock drill. 

The results of CPR mock drills notwithstanding the positive benefits of mock drills include:

  • Demonstrate a need to strengthen communication and coordination between personnel and outside agencies so that future crisis events are handled more effectively
  • Failure to use personal protection such as gloves,barrier devices,gowns,glasses, and respirator masks during emergencies makes stuff vulnerable to infection and increases the risk for transmission to others
  • Need for additional trained personnel
  • Skills refresher for previously trained personnel
  • Re-education and refresher of your Emergency Response Plan 
  • Additional AEDs
  • Relocation of AEDs
  • Questions or issues needing Medical Director input

For additional information or to schedule a Mock Drill at your facility,please contact us.
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